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Rethink Trash Handling

Technology Offers a Better Way

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Better Guest Experience

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Better Labor Efficiency

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Better Sustainability

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For Quick-Service Restaurants

Efficiency, Cleanliness, and Guest Experience separate the winners from the losers.

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For Cafeterias & Food Courts

Handling trash can be a challenge for high-volume cafeterias and food courts. ecotrash® can help.

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For Facilities Managers

Whether your goals are cleanliness, sustainability, or labor efficiency, ecotrash can help you get there.

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For Restrooms

Clean restrooms make a statement in every business. ecotrash® can help.

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For Sustainability Programs

Original ecotrash is driving sustainability and reducing trash going into landfills.

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For Consumers & the Curious

Still curious about compaction? Here’s more information about rethinking trash.

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Our Products

Why Compact?

Guest Experience

Maximize Staff Time

Reduce Trash Hauling Costs

Enhance Sustainability

“I don’t think about the compactors on a daily basis, because I don’t have to. The compactors will go all day and we won’t have to pull trash once.”

Paul S. – Top 10 College Dining Halls