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National Restaurant Show 2023 Interview

National Restaurant Show 2023 Interview

At the renowned National Restaurant Association Show, Jeff Tolke, CEO of Compaction Technologies sheds light on the game-changing benefits of Original ecotrash®. As the industry grapples with a persistent labor shortage, Jeff reveals how this innovative solution is alleviating the pressure and restoring balance to restaurant operations.

One of the key highlights of Original ecotrash® is its unparalleled automation, which plays a pivotal role in reducing staff burnout. By streamlining and automating waste management processes, the burden on employees is significantly lightened, enabling them to focus on delivering exceptional customer service and enhancing overall guest experiences.

But that’s not all—sustainability takes center stage in this interview. Jeff Tolke discusses how Original ecotrash® is not only an efficient solution but also a sustainable one. By optimizing waste management practices, restaurants can minimize their environmental footprint, reduce trash hauling expenses, and contribute to a greener future.