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Sustainability Programs

Across the country, Original ecotrash®, ecotrash PTC®, and ZeroWaste® Bins are driving positive results in Sustainability programs by reducing trash bag use, increasing waste stream diversion, and enabling efficient paper towel recycling.

Quantifiable, Visible Results

In restrooms

We’ve all see the mess paper towels can create in restrooms. Particularly when the built-in trash containers over-flow after only a few deposits. It seems there are always paper towels on the floor. But ecotrash PTC changes all that. The patented technology in ecotrash PTC captures and holds twenty times more paper towels than a typical built-in trash can, which keeps restrooms looking clean and sanitary. But they also promote Sustainability by enabling paper towels to be captured in ZeroWaste Bins and recycled, or composted.

Quantifiable, Visible Results

In Foodservice operations

In high-volume food service operations where can and bottle recycling needs a shot in the arm, nothing screams “Recycle” like Original ecotrash compactors equipped with Recycling Conversion kits.

Both these units are intuitive for guests to use and remind users that recycling and saving trash bags is important to your organization.

Costs a Little Green to “Go Green”

Funding Sustainability projects can be challenging. Some of the best programs don’t show a strong enough ROI to get through the budgeting phase. Original ecotrash pays for itself by minimizing the labor required to handle trash and reducing trash bag use by 85 percent. ecotrash PTC reduces restroom trash bags changes by 95% and leaves restrooms looking great. The labor savings from this technology creates a positive ROI and the Sustainability benefits come along for free.

Collect used paper towels for recycling or composting

ecotrash PTC and ZeroWaste Bins enable your organization to divert paper towels from your waste stream, and clean-up your restrooms at the same time.  ZeroWaste Bins are single-use trash bins made from 100% recycleable and 100% compostable cardboard.  They’re sized specifically to replace the bag-lined trash bin inside ecotrash PTC, creating a clean stream of used paper towels perfect for recycling or the compost yard.

Ten Gallons of Stuff in a Five Gallon hat.

When your Organization is trying to separate Landfill trash, recyclables, and organics, it presents infrastructure challenges. Three sets of deposit containers, three waste storage containers, and three separate pick-up schedules. But trash storage rooms, loading docks, and trash corrals aren’t always able to handle three dumpsters instead of one. To effectively handle three separate waste streams, Original ecotrash and ecotrash PTC can reduce the volume of trash, recycleables, or organics to help you work with available storage space.

The Facts:

  • Loading docks don’t automatically fit three dumpsters
  • Storage rooms don’t hold three trash carts

New Technology for New Expectations:

Original ecotrash and ecotrash PTC are powerful tools for your Sustainability program. Whether you’re separating “Trash” from “Recycle” from “Organics”, or diverting paper towels from your waste stream, this technology reduces the volume of waste collected, transported and stored between pick-ups.

Loading docks don’t automatically fit three dumpsters, and storage rooms don’t automatically hold three trash carts. Avoid costly remodeling projects by reducing the square footage and dock space needed to increase your waste stream diversion.