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About Us


Compaction Technologies is a green technology company dedicated to developing solid waste management solutions that are environmentally friendly and cost effective.

Compaction Technologies ecotrash® line of compactors help make trash problems smaller for QSRs, Healthcare Facilities, Airports, Stadiums, Malls, Arenas and Public Restrooms.

In any area where the public disposes of their own trash Compaction Technologies:

 Reduce Costs

Increase Operational Efficiencies

Reduce Environmental Impact

Improve Customer Service

Redirect Labor

Increase Profits

Our Mission

Reduce the volume of waste going to non-sustainable graves. Deliver user-friendly, intuitive, technology that enables customers to decrease the volume of waste sent to landfills and incinerators and increase the amount of recycling and composting. Provide cost effective and environmentally conscious waste management products and services.

Our Objective

Compaction Technologies is in the business of providing sustainable alternatives to traditional solidwaste management. Our objective is to provide a green point of difference for our customers and optimize their waste handling expenses.

  • Improve Your Productivity
  • Boost Employee’s Morale
  • Improve Your Waste Management Efficiency

We are in business to:

Give operators peace of mind that their reputation won’t be trashed by overflowing garbage cans.



We are proud to be recognized for the following awards:

Bold Award Finalist – 2016

AHE Innovation Logo 2016

AHE Innovation Award Honorable Mention - 2016

AHE Innovation Award Finalist – 2014



 Decrease Trash Handling Time

 Reduce Trash Volume in Dumpster

Improve Sustainability

Improve Guest Experience


Save time & money

by compacting at the source.

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