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What are the benefits of compacting?

  • Reduction in volume of waste sent to landfills – turn 8+ bags of loose regular waste into 1 portable 22″x22″ cube
  • Increased waste handling efficiency – eliminate trash take-outs during peak traffic hours (to as few as 1 take- out/day)
  • Increased customer service effectiveness – allow employees to focus on customers rather than trash duty
  • Improved security – minimize trips out the back door to the dumpster
  • Hands free operation – automatically opens door
  • Simplified waste transport system – 22″ waste cube on wheels to transport to dumpster
  • Labor savings
  • Increased efficiencies
  • Cost savings
  • Enhanced Overall Brand Image – “Clean & Green”
  • Improved Employee Experience – minimize the UNfun jobs
  • Reduction in quantity of plastic trash bags used
  • Cleanliness – Touch-less Trash Deposits

What differentiates us from the competition?

  • Noise level of compaction cycle
  • No trash on top of the compaction plate
  • Leakage on the floor-liquid gets around the trash cube
  • A cart with wheels and a handle to transport the trash
  • Durable exterior
  • Customizable exterior
  • Cleanability of the interior of our compactor
  • Programmable smart machine


We are proud to be recognized for the following awards:

Bold Award Finalist – 2016

AHE Innovation Logo 2016

AHE Innovation Award Honorable Mention - 2016

AHE Innovation Award Finalist – 2014



 Decrease Trash Handling Time

 Reduce Trash Volume in Dumpster

Improve Sustainability

Improve Guest Experience


Save time & money

by compacting at the source.

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