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Compacting trash is socially responsible and benefits the environment. Compactors are eco-friendly appliances for handling trash. With compactors in your Quick-Service Restaurant, your customers notice efforts to reduce trash volume and become more environmentally friendly. It simply improves guests’ perception of restaurant cleanliness and “Green” efforts. Here are some facts to consider of how trash compactors can help the planet we live on:

  • Compaction decreases the number of trash bags going into our landfills. One compactor can prevent 7,500 plastic bags from entering our landfills each year. Plastic trash bags are necessary to keep trash containers from becoming stained and to make it easier to handle trash. But plastic bags create a physical barrier, moisture barrier, and oxygen barrier that inhibit the decomposition of solid waste in landfills. Reducing the quantity of plastic is a step in the right direction to help improve the degradation of solid waste. By compacting trash, the number of trash bags required goes down. For example: If a dining room has 3 trash containers that are emptied 7 times per day, then switches to a compactor that is emptied 1 time per day, that’s a daily savings of 20 plastic trash bags per day, 140 per week, over 600 per month or 7,280 plastic trash bags per year. 7,280 plastic trash bags that don’t get into landfills every year – that’s Green!
  • Compaction saves fuel and reduces the carbon footprint. Trash trucks are absolutely necessary to collect and transport solid waste to landfills. But Trash trucks are not exactly fuel efficient. Compacting trash in the dining room reduces the volume of trash in the dumpster, and reduces the number of times per week the dumpster needs to be emptied. For example: If a trash dumpster is emptied 5 times per week and as a result of compacting dining room trash can be emptied 3 times per week, it would save trash haulers 40% of their operating costs. For a trash truck that gets 3 mpg and is driven 25,000 miles per year, a 40% reduction amounts to 3,333 gallons of diesel per year – that’s Green!
  • Once trash gets to a landfill, operators try to cover the loose trash with dirt and compact the trash as much as possible. The idea being to get as much loose trash into a landfill as possible for two reasons; 1) to avoid opening more landfills and 2) to promote the bio-degradation of the trash and produce methane gas. Landfill operators know compacting trash is good, thats why they use gigantic earth-moving equipment to cover trash and roll it down tight. Compacting trash where it is created (dining room of a QSR) is more efficient than hauling it loose then trying to compact it in the landfill. Its hard to put a number on it, but directionally it makes sense to compact at the point of origin and save the expense in fuel and equipment compacting in a landfill.


We are proud to be recognized for the following awards:

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 Decrease Trash Handling Time

 Reduce Trash Volume in Dumpster

Improve Sustainability

Improve Guest Experience


Save time & money

by compacting at the source.

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