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How Much Can I Save?

Savings in Customer Satisfaction

Despite how hard your organization works to build a positive image and good reputation, the wrong impression from a guest or customer can be harmful to your reputation.  Organizations spend millions of dollars in building design, construction, and cleaning to make a statement about who they are and how they operate.  Over-flowing trash cans in the restrooms or cafeterias can undo all those efforts because at the end of the day, if a place of business is dirty and unkempt, it leaves guests and customers with a bad impression.

Automating your trash collection in high-volume areas prevents over-flows and allows you to manage trash when it’s convenient for you.  Original ecotrash® in cafeterias, coffee bars, and high-traffic waiting areas can eliminate full and over-flowing trash cans.  ecotrash PTC in high-traffic restrooms can keep paper towels from over-flowing onto the floor and creating a mess.

Both technologies also reduce trash bag use by 80% or more which tells your guests and customers you care about reducing trash bags going into landfill, and “walk” the Sustainability talk.

Savings: Fewer poor impressions, and fewer lost customers

“The effects of poor customer service ripple far beyond the revenue lost with that one person. Customers are the foundation of success for any business, and if customers are not treated right, the business can lose its reason for existence. If you aren’t taking care of your customers, and your business becomes known for poor customer service, expect several things to happen — and none of them are good news for your business.”

Jan Birch April 20, 2018
How Does Poor Customer Service Affect a Business?

Savings in Productivity for Your Team

Compacting six trash bags into one with Original ecotrash reduces trash bag changes by 83%.  This means 83% fewer trips from the point of deposit to the dumpster.  The distance from the point of deposit to the dumpster a huge time and resource expenditure  If it’s 100 feet, 300 feet or 1,000 feet, it takes your team valuable time to transport trash over this distance.  Original ecotrash and ecotrash PTC® make it easy to reduce the frequency of trips and reduce the time your team spends moving trash.

Leave the frequent traveler programs for your sales people, and get your trash out of the travel business.

Savings: 1 hour per compactor per day ($12.00 for $12.00/hr)


Productivity Savings

Savings in Employee Satisfaction

Facilities Managers face rising wages and fierce competition to recruit, hire, train and keep quality employees.  Each time an employee leaves, it costs $5,846 according to The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell.

Employees LOVE Original ecotrash and LOVE emptying the trash 80% less than before.  Automating a mundane task that employees generally hate doing (like trash handling) will not only keep current employees more satisfied, but also give you a point of difference against competitors trying to hire the same candidates you are.

Savings: $10.00/day or $5/day/compactor*

*Based on 5% of employees turning-over at 10 months instead of 8 months

“Maybe you know your restaurant is hemorrhaging money by losing employees, but how do you find out just how much you’re losing on a per employee level? The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell estimates that the cost of employee turnover averages around $5,864 per person for a typical front-line employee.
Lucky for us, the CHR broke that number down even further. Here’s how they got to $5,864:

3 Percent Pre-departure: $176
20 Percent Recruiting: $1,173
11 Percent Selection: $645
14 Percent Orientation & Training: $821
52 Percent Productivity Loss: $3,049”

Ryan Mack July 6, 2017
What is the Real Cost of Restaurant Employee Turnover?

Note: Your overall savings will depend on your individual circumstances and may vary from the examples above. For more specific information, reach-out to us at